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Accommodation types at Dolte

Hotel accommodation

The hotel is situated in Jeseníky Mountains. Double and triple bedrooms are available to accommodate you, with four or five bed, shower and toiled equipped, apartments ready for you sociable types. Cheap comfortable rooms with a common bathroom in the hallway are also there for the budget traveler.

room type price per night [CZK] with helmet in hand
with individual bathrooms 350 300
with common bathroom 250 200

Summer Camp

A summer camp ground with a capacity of 100 beds in wooden huts, 4 each, is prepared to house the rowdiest of kids. A dining area and a bathroom are ready to serve them.

Biker and other events

Given the locale and hotel equipment, we are in the perfect position to organize vehicle rallies. Many have already taken advantage of the opportunity, including:

  • Harley Davidson Club Brno
  • Jeep Wrangler Club Czech Republic
  • Hummer Club Prague