jack daniel - tady žije


trasy ilustrační foto The Dolte Bikers Hotel rests at the foot of the Jeseníky Mountains and is thus a great starting point for sightseeing and nature trips. Just saddle up the motorcycle and take the main road towards Skřítek, where you can enjoy some of the local specialties in the pleasant environment of the renowned Skřítek motorest. The road then leads through the beautiful countryside to Rýmařov, where a left turn will take you towards the Charles springs. This stylish spa town is worth a short stop, after which you can go on to Ovčárna, where you can park your motorcycle and make a trip to Praděd, the highest Moravian mountain. You can also continue to ride all the way to Běla pod Pradědem at the outskirts of Jeseník, one of the renowned spa towns of our country. On the way back, the road will take you through Cervenohorské Sedlo to Kouty, where you can experience the K3 adrenaline center and then take a lift to the upper reservoir pumping station for Dlouhé Stráně. The final road from Kouty leads through Loučná and Maršíkov straight back to our Sobotín.

Other routes

There are many more similar sights to see near and far in Jeseníky. We would be glad to help you plan a route of your own and lend you a GPS if needed.